Kitten Loves His 'Baby' Blanket So Much That He Carries It Everywhere He Goes

Meet Renly, the little kitten was adopted by Sara Budzynowski and her husband last year. Budzynowski met Renly and his siblings when she was working for Wilson Veterinary Hospital. The kittens were surrendered at the hospital when they were just 3 weeks old.
kitten carries his blanket
The kittens were completely healthy except for Renly, who had to remove his tail due to an infection. When helping care for Renly, Budzynowski quickly fell in love with the guy, so she decided to adopt and bring him home.
“About a week after he got that part of his tail amputated, I took him home to foster him and the rest was history,” Budzynowski said.
kitten carries his blanket
The couple took Renly home and began spoiling him immediately. They gave him a cozy blanket as well as a cute little stuffed bunny. And now, when Renly is 10 months old, his blanket has become his BFF (besides his parents, of course). Wherever he is, his beloved blanket always stays with him. He sleeps with it, plays with it and even manages to carry it everywhere he goes.
kitten carries his blanket
“He always loved his blanket from the day we took him home and usually carries it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it,” Budzynowski said.
After that, the couple added two corgis, Hotchner and Azula, to their family — and now that Renly becomes a big brother. He loves his siblings, so he has started sharing his beloved blanket with them as well.

Wherever Renly goes, his blanket or his bunny toy almost always has to be with him. In fact, the blanket is just a simple fleece blanket — nothing special, but it is surely special to Renly because it is a gift from his parents, whom he loves so much.
kitten carries his blanket
We are so happy to know that Renly's parents plan to ensure the blanket is always by his side. “Over the months, that blanket has seen a lot and has gone through the wash so many times, but I can’t bear to replace it and plan on keeping it for him for the rest of his life,” Budzynowski said.
Not only is Renly happy and loved in his new home, but he also has best friends and siblings. If you love Renly and his story, please share this post with everyone!
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