Top 10 Oldest Cats Ever That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

There have been numerous cats who have lived lengthy life throughout contemporary history. These long-lived cats don't appear to share any traits with one another. They originate from various cultures, breeds, and geographical locations. The only thing they have in common is a loved one or a family that has taken the greatest possible care of them. In compiling this list, we accepted the owner’s word as reported in the media for the age of their beloved animal. Creme Puff, the oldest cat ever, died at the age of 38 years, and 3 days. See the top 10 oldest cats ever by reading on!

#10. Ranked 10th Oldest Cat: Rubble – 31 Years

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Soon after friends and family celebrated the Maine Coon's 30th birthday, Rubble passed over the rainbow bridge. His veterinarian threw the party that included a free checkup and some of his favorite cat food. Rubble and his owner Michelle Foster resided in Exeter, Devon, England. She received him as a birthday present when he turned 20. His owner claimed that as he aged, he started acting a little cranky.

#9. Ranked 9th Oldest Cat: Tiger – 31 Years

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Robert Goldstein of Spring Grove, Illinois owned a ginger tabby cat named Tiger. Tiger adored perching himself atop his owner's vehicle. He would only drink water from the bathtub. Tiger’s nickname was Lincoln because he was about the same color as a penny. A pit bull was Tiger's regular companion, and Tiger would discipline him by giving him a paw to the head.

#8. Ranked 8th Oldest Cat: Sasha – 31 Years

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Without a doubt, Sasha's life was not easy while she resided in Newtownabbey, Ireland. Her owner, Beth O'Neill, discovered her in a stable where a Jack Russell terrier was about to attack her. Beth brought her to the veterinarian, who estimated her age at five. Sasha had a dent in her left side where she had either been struck by a car or kicked at that point. Beth took her home to live with her and her daughter. Beth says that she lived with her but would often disappear for days as she went on roaming adventures until she got too tired to climb the fence. Afterward, she frequently sat in the garden tanning.

#7. Ranked 7th Oldest Cat: Plucky Sarah – 33 Years

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Plucky Sarah was abandoned by her previous owners in 2002, yet she moved down the hall to live with the Fords. The cat was once run over by Mrs. Ford's car, but the veterinarian was able to save it. The Fords spoilt Sarah, an unremarkable cat, and claim that they rarely leave the house out of concern for Sarah's safety. Plucky Sarah had difficulties staying warm, so they ran the heat pump day and night at their Christchurch, New Zealand, house.

#6. Ranked 6th Oldest Cat: Grandma Wad – 34 Years

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Grandma Wad was discovered by the Wanna family when she was a kitten living in front of their grandmother's house. The cat's caregiver was the daughter, who was just 3 years old. In Thailand, the cat resided in a home situated on a fruit orchard. Throughout her entire life, she only produced one litter. She had four kittens, but she lived longer than all of them. Toward the end of her life, the cat was attacked by dogs twice, which left her having problems getting around.

#5. Ranked 5th Oldest Cat: Grandpa[sic] Rexs Allen – 34 Years 2 Months

On January 16, 1970, Jake Perry adopted Grandpa Rex Allen from the Humane Society of Travis County (Texas). Later on in the year, Madame Sulinaberg called him and said that it was her animal. Perry ultimately decided to retain the cat, and Madame Sulinaberg provided him with the paperwork proving his birthdate of February 1st, 1964. Sulinaberg claims that he got away because someone left the screen door open when she was away.
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After Perry started presenting him, the International Cat Association elevated Granpa Rexs Allen to grandmaster, the highest honor awarded to a domestic cat. This cat, a mix between a Sphynx and a Devon Rex, supposedly adored broccoli and frequently consumed it for breakfast.

#4. Ranked 4th Oldest Cat: Ma – 34 Years 5 Months

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Ma, a female tabby, was arguably the luckiest creature on earth. Alice St George Moore, of Drewsteignton, England, was her housemate. When Ma was a kitten, she narrowly escaped being captured in a gin trap. Nevertheless, she was saved by the classical musician and her husband. The mishap left the cat with unique health issues, so she subsisted on meat from the neighborhood butcher. Mrs. Moore was asked what made their cat live so long, and she mentioned the fresh meat and the laid-back ambiance in their home. On Thursday, November 5, 1957, Ma had to be put to sleep.

#3. Ranked 3rd Oldest Cat: Puss – 36 Years 1 Day

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Puss, who was allegedly born on November 28, 1903, in Devon, UK, is not well-known. One day after turning 36, on November 29, 1934, this male tabby passed away.

#2. Ranked 2nd Oldest Cat: Baby – 38 Years

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The second oldest cat ever was a black domestic house cat named Baby, who lived with Al Palusky and his mother, Mabel, in Duluth, Minnesota. He had never left the house where he was born until he was 28 years old. When Al married, his new wife insisted that the cat-clawed furniture be replaced and that Baby be declawed. That was the first time that the cat had seen a veterinarian. The animal did not like children, so when they came over, he hid behind furniture. Al attributes the cat’s longevity to the exercise he gets every time he uses his litter box or wants to eat. His food bowl and litter box are kept in the basement, which requires the cat to climb up and down 14 steps each time he wants to use them.

#1. Ranked 1st Oldest Cat: Creme Puff – 38 Years 3 Days

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Creme Puff, who is 38 years and 3 days old, is the oldest cat ever. Her birthday was August 3, 1967, and she passed away on August 6, 2005. Creme Puff was owned by Granpa Rex Allen’s owner and started her day with bacon and eggs, asparagus, broccoli, and coffee with heavy cream each morning. She then received an eyedropper of red wine to savor every other day. Her owner loved animals so much that he even had wooden stairs constructed into the house's walls so the cats would have a place to rest.

A Record Breaker? Lucy – 39 Years

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It's possible that Lucy, a cat without official birth records, was the longest-living cat ever. She passed away at the estimated age of 39. From South Wales, Lucy was inherited by a man named Bill when his wife’s godmother died in 1999. When an elderly aunt came to visit him, she testified to having known the cat since 1972 when it was a kitten. Once Lucy passed away in 2011, there was some disagreement over whether or not she deserved the title. Although Lucy isn't listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest cat ever, it's safe to assume that she should be. is a website that provides you with entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated animal news, visit our site daily.