Woman Sees Her Cat On Facebook Who’s Been Missing For 2 Years

Meet Jimmy the cat who has always been mischievous. One of his favorite things to love to go outdoors for adventures but he would always come back to his owners. Until one day, he didn't come back.found cats on FacebookEvery day, the Zelitsky family were frantically looking for their cat, hanging posters of the missing cat around the neighborhood and searching for their beloved pet.– but with no avail. The family sadly began to feel they might never see him again.found cats on Facebook2,5 years later, something incredible happened. Zelitsky was browsing Facebook when she came across a post from the West Milford Animal Shelter about a stray cat who'd been pulled off the streets… and he looked just like Jimmy!
Sue rushed to respond to the ad, inquiring about the cat’s circumstances. Where had they found him? How old was he? She communicated with the shelter and received news that made her even more hopeful and more certain that it was indeed Jimmy that they had.found cats on FacebookZelitsky later brought her husband in to see Jimmy too, and Jimmy recognized and greeted him just as lovingly. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that this was Jimmy, and that somehow, he had finally found his way home.found cats on FacebookJimmy is 15 years old now, and so happy to be back home with his family. When they brought him back home, even the family dog remembered him and welcomed him with open arms. The two new kittens the family adopted while Jimmy was away welcomed him just as much. Everyone is shocked that Jimmy was found, and the family couldn't be happier that they finally have him back in their lives.found cats on FacebookWhat a stunning and heartwarming reunion! Share this family’s wonderful turn of fate with all your family and friends if you also believe in destiny!
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